Saturday, August 2, 2008

July 30, 2008

There’s litter then there’s litter that skeeves you out on several levels. The below piece of work has skeeved me out for several reasons. First, it’s litter. Second, the degenerate who was simply too lazy to put litter in its place also lacked the gumption to properly dispose of his or her chewing gum, “Ya, I think I’ll stick my gum right here on the straw while I drink this high calorie, high sugar, high in caffeine drink-you know, the stuff that does the body good- ‘til I finish and chuck it out the window.” The cup lid and straw come from Dunkin Donuts (the actual cup called across the street home) while the gum from an obvious life slacker. And what is the deal with the melted straw end? No, no, no…there’s nothing right about this trash.

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