Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug 12, 2008

“Gosh Timmy, I feel like smoking a stogie but I also crave the taste of peaches. What should I do?”
“Lucky for you Johnny there’s a nearby convenience store where we can drop on in and see if they carry Phillies peach flavored cigars.”
“You are a man of answers, Timmy. A man of answers.”
I am floored by the fruit flavored cigars! Scroll down to July 12 to see the apple flavored cigars. Why the fruit flavors? How about cigars flavored as potato chips, steak, or…wait a minute…beer? Or, for you sophisticated turds, scotch (I think it’s a trendy thing these days to smoke cigars and scotch). Now those flavors make sense to me. Though, it would be great to hear, “Hey fellas, have you tried the new kiwi flavored cigars?”
What’s the deal with the yellow star “Buy One Get One” callout? Not very specific is it?

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