Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 12, 2008

Amazing. Who knew “they” made cigars with pipe tobacco? And apple flavored to boot! To me, smoking and apples go together as well as a tuna fish sandwich and beer. If one smokes, isn’t for the tobacco taste? If you want apple flavor, why not just eat an apple or maybe one of those Jolly Rancher apple flavored candies. Perplexing, ain’t it? “Black & Mild” as opposed to what, Black & Abrasive? Holy crap I never knew this junk existed. The back offers, “Taste Great! Smells Great!” Boy, nothing beats tasty smoke that smells great. Is cigar smoke inhaled? I suppose these pipe tobacco cigars are for those who wish they could smoke a pipe but can not afford those cool upside down pipe lighters. I make fun of these cigars, but about a year ago the company who owns Philip Morris USA bought Middleton’s for 2.9 billion dollars. Wow.

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