Monday, September 8, 2008

Aug 17, 2008

My eagle eyes spied the below pictured bracelet price tag resting in my driveway not far from my side porch. To better show the size of this small piece of litter, I placed a small rock next to it. For a better reference point of size, I placed a dime next to the rock that I placed next to the price tag. The tag describes the bracelet as “Snake 24” Oval Beads,” made in Italy, and cost $74.99. Of course, it may have been on sale or maybe the purchaser had a coupon or was the beneficiary of some sort of other discount: employee or senior citizen discount, maybe. So who knows what the true purchase price was. Now that I think of it, 24 inches is rather large for a bracelet (unless you’re Andre the Giant), so maybe this price tag is for a necklace. Brilliant investigative work!

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